About mARCom Expert

14 years ago mARCom was established as add value consultancy cabinet based on more than 10 years expertise in practice and scientific research, publishing & communication skills, technical pioneering, and innovative approach to Business.

Last years experience were exponentially growing, embracing the newest concepts in marketing, pre-sales, business development, market penetration, start-up, and traditional channels rebuilding.

Based on best practices, models used in consultancy activities are bringing together with most traditional and frontier concepts, for some of the most dynamic and strategic industries like IT and Communications.

Publishing, market analyses and research where always win-win projects due to a very pragmatic positioning as catalyzing interface between business, high-tech and consumer perspective.

A special focus in last 5 years was Cloud Computing business. Market penetration involvement – between the first Cloud solutions sales and marketing promotion and a rich technical expertise provided by almost all top Cloud providers emerged in a pioneering initiative in Romania and Central-East Europe area: cloud☁mania – the first independent knowledge platform dedicated to Cloud technologies and not only.

GDPR Rady! SERVICES is a new business line in a professional research and consultancy company with 15 years experience in international projects. Starting from the business community necessities and driven by almost immediate adoption of EU 2016/ 679 General Data Protection Regulation we are ready now to offer customized GDPR services.


Vision & Mission

During the last 20 years, we accumulated a lot of experience in a wide area of professional skills related to the IT & C market and not only.

This knowledge is based on deep involvement in all projects and continuous adoption of innovative technologies as the main engine for business progress.

We have a continuous commitment to client problems solving, based on the assumption “Everything could be possible”.

Summarizing all these, our credential is ” Best Practices 4 Best Business”.




  • GDPR Research
  • GDPR Analyse
  • GDPR Consultancy
  • GDPR Advisory
  • GDPR Training
  • Business Transformation
  • Digital Business
  • Business Development
  • Channels Management
  • Start-Ups Consultancy
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Migration
  • Virtualization
  • Software Applications & Services
  • Software Asset Management
  • Market Research
  • Market Analyse
  • Market Segmentation
  • Original Content Creation & Copyrighting
  • Public Relations
  • Press Releases
  • Success Stories
  • Events
  • Social Marketing



cloudmania is more than a simple blog, becoming a complex and comprehensive social-technology platform, with direct involvement in online & printing contents, B2B, B2C, and Social activities, online group discussions, IT & Cloud Events, Cloud statistics, Cloud Around the Globe, Cloud Made in Romania, Cloud Jobs and Cloud Jokes.

Based on a deep experience in IT journalism, market research, corporate & media communication, sales, business development and management for cloud and virtual solutions, I try to use this social-technology platform as primary initiation and alphabetization for advanced technologies and IT concepts, but also for fun…

Innovation in high-tech is more dynamic than the changes of mentalities or business attitude. Conceived and started as a blog for Romanian community, cloudmania could become more and more International, grace to cloud technologies…

Digital Transformation by Knowledge

With more than 5 years of activities in the public area, cloud☁mania become one of the most popular independent knowledge platform in Central East Europe.
Starting in February 2013 as an editorial project founded on social-technology tools, cloud☁mania’s evolution is a real example of digital transformation. Starting from a hobby generated by the enthusiasm of sharing the most interesting information about Cloud Computing, cloud☁mania become a knowledge platform dedicated to know-how transformation in business values. But this is not all…
 cloud☁mania is a bridge between digital technology consumers and vendors, services providers, and professional & business communities;
 cloud☁mania helps users to better understand the need for change, Cloud alternatives, Cloud migration processes;
 cloud☁mania is not covering only Cloud technologies, addressing the whole digital innovation world: virtualization, Big Data & Analytics, Mobile Computing, Fog Computing, Internet of Things, Machine-2-Machine, Industry 4.0, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Digital Marketing and more…

Assuming a leant role in the coagulation of an active Cloud community, cloud☁mania was an active EuroCloud member from 2014, involved in the promotion and domestic and international jury of EuroCloud Award and the organization of EuroCloud Forum 2016 in Bucharest.

By the diversity and professional services, customization ability, international expertise and flexibility offer adapted to the seasonal requirements of the client, cloud☁mania proves to be a real “Cloud for consultancy services.” Tell us what you can’t do alone and cloud☁mania will do for you!
cloud☁mania’s clients could externalize knowledge processing activities they didn’t have internal resources enough. cloud☁mania is currently offering a large services portfolio:
1. Original content:
 Articles, brochures, key studies, testimonials;
 Company blog content;
 Customised professional presentation, infographics, online guides;
 White Papers & eBooks;
 Cloud Computers Romania catalogue – 6 editions.
2. Market researchers, analysis & evaluations :
 Market researchers;
 Independent analysis, positioning, competitors analysis;
 Research on request, ad-hoc surveys;
3. Consultancy and Business Development for marketing & sales:
 Strategies & Demand Generation services;
 Leads Generation campaigns;
 New subsidiary opening & new products announcements;
 Audit & Marketing and Communication processes growing efficiency:
 Strategies and campaigns for marketing & communication;
 Brand awareness & Employer Branding;
 Marketing & Sales Training programs for Cloud & Digital Technologies.
4. B2B Events organization:
 Conferences, seminar, workshops, Webinars, Forums;
 Keynote presentations and B2B panels conducting;
 VIP interviews and exclusivities.

GDPR Ready Services

GDPR Analysis Services

GDPR is generating a new market boom for professional services and IT solutions able to help companies in their efforts to achieve GDPR compliance. GDPR is at the same time a business transformation process. How ready are the companies to solve critical business issues by adopting GDPR processes?

We are ready to cover these topics with a high – level knowledge transfer based on main activities proposed and realized in the last 2 years, founding GDPR Ready! Initiative, the first private knowledge transfer process dedicated to GDPR impact for business.

We are offering also GDPR Market Research studies for private companies, organizations or authorities interested in professional research reports related to GDPR acceptation, local data operators and processors readiness, or the main issues perceived in GDPR adoption process.

GDPR Advisory Services

Based on a deep experience in multicultural business processes we are able to offer professional assistance to local players interested in GDPR compliance.

Advisory services include Free discussion sessions “Let’s talk about GDPR” for a better new EU Regulation understanding, Professional Workshops dedicated to specific GDPR aspects for various industries or internal departments, or pre-Audit Sessions dedicated to better understanding of  GDPR needs for various business processes.

Building a long-running GDPR compliance company is not a very easy process. GDPR is not for the day of 25th of May, or for the next year period. GDPR compliance should be a business life-cycle trust warranty. We can help organizations in the efforts to build a Company GDPR Culturedesigning a middle-long term strategy based on efficient data protection policies, systematic training and periodical development analysis.

GDPR Business Development Services

GDPR is not a simple IT project and not a typical legal audit. GDPR is a very complex and dynamic cumulative process involving a large level of resources and professional investment. GDPR is a long life-cycle business continuity process, involving a large participation from each department or business line. Obtaining the GDPR conformity a company can demonstrate TRUST to all business ecosystem: clients, partners, suppliers, employees.

We can help you to use your GDPR Ready compliance status as a COMPETITIVE advantage and  TRUST bannerto increase your customer satisfaction level and enlarge your business perspective. Being par on a very dynamic industry like IT sector, we are able to offer you professional advises and recommendations for the most performing  GDPR Ready solutions, tools or associated services.

GDPR Consultancy

GDPR implementation process could be difficult in the moment nobody knows what everybody has to do.  Many components are involved in a GDPR process and few peoples could have in this moment professional capabilities to cover all the specific areas like HR and accountant problems, legal frame and international laws knowledge, business process operations and operational issues, marketing and sales needs, and technical expertise in automated data protection and privacy solutions.

We can offer customized GDPR Consultancy Serviceshelping you to better identify your GDPR needs, data flow mapping, GAP analysis, establishing new data protection policies, running Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) tools, or helping you in better business associated risk management and Data Protection by Design and by Default implementation. GDPR services could be provided during a complex and integrated project, or on individual premises function to particular needs for a business line or a subsidiary/ department.

GDPR Training

Personal development and professional progress are keys to performance. Elementary knowledge of GDPR rules and principles is a must for any organization involved in personal data processing. GDPR training is an essential step in GDPR compliance adoption, being part of all important business evolution steps, from awareness increasing inside organization lines of business to fundamental activity in GDPR Company Culture.

We are offering professional GDPR Training services for any size organization based on an international accredited curriculum and best practices methodologies. Our training sessions are organised in any company location offering basic business quality conditions, between 5 and 20 participants. All training sessions could be customized function of audience interests and contain fundamental GDPR theory and business specific special cases. All participants will receive a Training participation diploma and a training support package.